Monday, February 6, 2012

Updates 2/6/12

Last night I watched the Super Bowl by myself in my living room. It was a great game and the first NFL game of this season that I watched in its entirety. I was cheering for the Patriots since I have some friends who live in New England. I had a big meal which consisted of a bag of the cracked pepper and sea salt variety of Dirty Chips, a can of Blue Sky Organic Soda (Root Beer Encore), and almost all of the roasted vegetable pizza from Amy's. The last slice is in the refrigerator and I'll probably eat it tomorrow. It was the second time I had that pizza and it's pretty good. It's hard to find frozen vegan pizza. I have yet to try my local vegan restaurant's pizza, but one of these days I'll do it.

Today is my day off from work. I was supposed to have a day off on Saturday but another franchised store near me was short-handed so my manager asked if I would be willing to work there on my day off. I'll be honest, I didn't want to work on my day off but the thought of working with this really cute guy who normally works there was a compelling motivation, so I enthusiastically agreed.

Both of my parents have been sick for the last few days. I hate being around sick people. I feel fine and I hope they get better soon.

I wish I could afford to buy some much-needed kitchen appliances so that I could cook for myself more often. My parents don't have a lot of equipment and the stuff that they do have is usually being used or is inadequate for what I want to do. And I would like to get a good pressure cooker and a rice cooker so that I can buy beans and rice in bulk, thus saving me lots of money in the long run.

Before I go, I wanted to mention that I checked-out three DVDs at the library this afternoon. Two are documentaries: "FOOD, INC." and "Saint of 9/11." The last DVD is a feature film titled "The Boys Are Back." It stars Clive Owen and it's about fatherhood. I've seen "FOOD, INC." before but I can't remember much about it and I'm sure it will have more meaning to me now, compared to back then.

Until next time...


  1. I hope your parents have recovered by now.

    Since I'm not a sports fan (just Red Sox), I didn't start watching the Super Bowl until there were about 13 1/2 minutes left in the game. I was surprised to find myself hoping the Giants would win, considering that the Patriots are my "home team." But it was an exciting game, what I saw of it, and I suppose if Brady had completed that last pass, I'd have been happy for the Pats — even though I had been hoping the Giants would win as I watched, I felt sorry for the Patriots when the game was over, and I didn't want to see the NY victory celebration.

    That sounds like a pretty good Super Bowl party you threw for yourself.

    My sister-in-law got a small (5 cup) rice cooker, which she uses when she visits. But I've never felt like trying it. Whether it's a packaged rice pilaf (which gives me three servings) or plain white or brown (or the "Texmati" I recently mentioned on my blog) I just use an ordinary saucepan, and I'm content with the results.

    BTW, I've learned from my brother and s-i-l that leftover cooked rice does not need to refrigerated immediately. I rarely cook just a single serving of rice or rice pilaf. As soon as I've put what I want on my plate, I put the lid back on the saucepan, and I usually leave it overnight. Then sometime the next day I get around to putting the pan in the fridge. I've left rice covered at room temperature for as much as twenty hours, and I've never suffered any ill effects. Maybe your mother wouldn't let you store leftover rice in the cooking pan, but if you can, it's something to be aware of.

    As for beans, I have no real experience cooking them, so no advice there. But if that's what you'd use the pressure cooker for, maybe it's a higher priority than the rice cooker. What sort of a pressure cooker do you have in mind, and what would it do for you?

  2. I haven't done extensive research on pressure cookers, mainly because I can't really afford to buy one right now, but I would like one because it significantly speeds up the cooking process for beans (and rice).