Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Updates

I am happy to report that my parents are feeling better. Last February my mom got the flu and she had a terrible cough which lasted for about three weeks. My dad wasn't as sick as my mom and he recovered quicker, but I'm glad that things are returning back to normal. Fortunately I managed to avoid getting sick.

I don't have anything interesting to write about. My boss D got promoted by the company so she's moving on and I'm going to have a new manager named D2 (her name also starts with a D). D2 is also nice and I've been told that she likes me (as a worker). My assistant manager K is also going to work at a different store and the shift leader L will become D2's assistant manager. It's not going to affect me too much, but it is a change. I don't know when the changes will go into effect. I've been learning more areas of the business, such as how to organize the doughnut display case for the evening hours and I've been getting practice on taking drive-thru customers' orders.

In other news, I want to visit my friend in Massachusetts. A few months ago he e-mailed me about the best times to visit him and April seems to work for me. I miss Massachusetts and some aspects of my life in that state.

I'm currently reading Black Boy by Richard Wright. I'm almost finished with it and then I'm going to read Stephen King's novel 11/22/63. I want to begin doing video reviews of all of the books I'm reading, starting with the one I'm currently reading. I like to watch video reviews of books on YouTube because it helps me discover new books that might be appealing.